“The facilitation skills that I learned, and that have now become seeded throughout the state system via other trainees, will spawn immeasurable change through future years. I stand in awe at the impact you have had on Washington State.”
Rand Daley, Former Assistant Director, State of Washington Retirement Systems, Olympia, WA

"A few days after the DF training I facilitated a team of 18 people and could apply DF. Difficult issues, which had been smoldering in this team for two years and which could not be clearly articulated, had to be dealt with. The breakthrough came at 7.30 pm. The result was, that everybody continued to work  – diligently and with lots of energy although closing time was over. The tiredness was gone, the energy was palpable and the result was great. DF gave me the confidence, that everything will go well ... I never was so relaxed as a team developer in such a difficult situation."
Ursala Zenses, Deutsche Bank, Germany

“This is the next level of facilitation… The seminar teaches you to use your whole brain.”

Barry Lubart, IBM Corporation Armonk, NY

“[The seminar]… could be life changing. If you are open to it, it will be. In fact, from this you could change the world.”

Peter Bonyun, Department of Community Development Port Townsend, WA

“This seminar might have been the best training I ever had. I just facilitated my 9:00 Friday morning meeting and people said it was the best we have had.”

Jim Rumpeltes, Clallam County Administrator Port Angeles, WA

“Dynamic Facilitation will shake up many of your preconceived concepts about group process. And it works!”

Reena Bernards, Conflict Resolution Trainer Washington, DC

“I learned how to look at problems or situations with my inner eyes, seeing things with color rather than black and white.”

John Weyrick, H.J. Ford, Inc. Fairborn, OH

“It recognizes WORTH!!! I love it!… This process helps create a culture of quality in our organizations.”

Maria Albertina Veiga Edison, Electric Institute Washington, DC

“It’s practical, it’s authentic, it links concept and theory to everyday life. This is where it’s at!”

Peter Faid, Facilitator & Consultant Edmonton, Alberta

“I found a way to facilitate for monumental change. It took me to a place I never knew existed and made me wonder why I had not already been there.”

Glenn Floyd, OD/HR Internal Consultant, Champion International, Sartell, MN

“Participants have an opportunity to experience growth that will transform relationships in all facets of life – home, work, society, and beyond.”

Glenn Ballard, Senior Consultant, AllAmerica Financial

“A mind-expanding experience of an alternative approach to group discussion and problem-solving.”

Carol Chetkovich, Former Professor
Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government


"Short answer on my and Byron's sessions today: WOW!!!!!!!! We're both believers! Amazing progress on some fantastically tough issues. Thanks!! Now it's time to sift through all the butcher paper from this morning... Byron and I both had observers from our office in the room during our sessions. To a person, they were utterly perplexed as to what we were doing- but when we got together later to share our respective group findings (3 groups were [dynamically facilitated], 2 were standard facilitation) the level of clarity and depth of thought that came from the [dynamically facilitated] groups was astounding. The standard groups produced lists of data and concerns- [dynamically facilitated] groups produced ideas, direction, insight!"
Joel Dotterer, Equal Opportunity Program Manager
Fort Lewis, WA

"Wow, this stuff really works! I've only used DF once so far - it was with our corporate planning team and they're skeptical about everything! It was a four-hour strategy session focused on the same topic we've dealt with the last three years - 'why can't we get past the barriers to break into a targeted new market?' But, this time the problem was properly defined (and a big part of the problem is us - the planning team!), we discussed hidden agendas, egos, etc., the team renewed their commitment to the strategy, and we are moving forward with some pretty creative solutions."
Roger Shaffer, FCC Services

"...This is a totally different way of facilitating that is actually easier than traditional methods. It allows participants to reach levels of creativity that spark one another so the group finds incredible, effective solutions to any size problem."

Linda Condon, Washington State Department of Agriculture
Olympia, WA

"Part of why I love Dynamic Facilitation (DF) so much is that it works with people AS THEY ARE. It doesn't require that they buy into a set of rules about how they're going to talk together. They can be royal [jerks] and the facilitator makes sure (a) that they don't get shut down because of that, (b) that the people they target -- and the group as a whole -- continue to feel safe and (c) that whatever gift they bring gets heard and made available to the group mind. This alone makes DF incredibly useful in a pluralistic democracy. Add to that its power to metabolize conflict into useful insights and to engender co-creativity among diverse people, and it's a real treasure." Tom Atlee, Author of the Tao of Democracy

"I have been modeling Dynamic Facilitation on a daily basis for the various teams of which I am a member. The folks I deal with on a day-to-day basis are executives, managers, project managers, other analysts, and coordinators engaged in a myriad of information technology related projects. I have been asked on several occasions how I achieve such positive results in my work. My response always begins with a description of... the life-changing Dynamic Facilitation principles."

Scott Riordan, State of Oregon
Salem, OR

"From my experience, the Dynamic Facilitation technique is THE most powerful one out there. Not only is it FAST, but it's also very "post modern" in that it purposely assists (or facilitates) the use of the creative side of the brain, in concert with the more familiar analytical and linear/procedural 'left brain' stuff we do all the time."
Michael Erickson, Major US Aerospace Company

"...I feel very enthusiastic about this DF stuff for a variety of reasons. Chief among them, I saw a couple of hard boiled production types find their motivation, even though they both had reasons to be skeptical from the outset. I also saw two new team members, one of whom announced at the outset that she was only going to sit on the sidelines and take notes, become actively engaged in the process along with their higher seniority colleagues."

Sterling Newberry, The Open Door Conflict Management Service

"Liz and I have carried out several “taster” sessions with our colleagues in recent months. Yesterday I was contacted by one of them to ask if I could Dynamically Facilitate a two hour meeting that was being held between two organisations. They needed to find a way to work together and had already had eight meetings with no progress whatsoever. Within one hour fifteen minutes they had achieved a real breakthrough. They were blown away by the process and couldn’t believe that such a productive meeting finished early, (and they did their final bookmark without my intervention).
Thank you for DF. I am now encouraging a new school to use the Wisdom Council approach to make its plans."

Alex Nairn, Consultant, Alex Nairn Ltd., London, GB

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