Our seminars help you learn how to help others face difficult issues in a creative and collaborative manner that leads to breakthrough solutions.

In our three or four day, introductory seminars, participants gain:

  • Personal experience with the power of group collaboration in a choice-creating zone
  • Confidence in welcoming difficult issues, divergent perspectives, and conflict
  • Skills in helping groups arrive at “shared aha’s” and collective breakthroughs

The seminar includes:
  • Live demonstrations with real issues
  • Time to practice in small groups
  • Supportive feedback and coaching
  • Opportunities to experience personal and professional transformation
  • Understanding as well as “how-to’s”: presentations and discussions on the theory behind the method
This seminar is for:
  • Leaders – to help people, teams and organizations function at their highest capability
  • Change agents – to be more capable of transforming systems
  • Coaches & Therapists – to open new doors of possibility for change
  • Mediators - to work with systemic and complex conflict with multiple parties to find breakthrough resolution
  • Facilitators – to be able to shift the conversation of the systems you are in
  • Government employees & Elected Officials or those who work with them - to facilitate involvement of a “general interest” voice in policy-making
  • Those interested in self-organizing change & self-governance – to become more powerful within meetings
The seminar is about… facilitative leadership, community-building, dialogue, problem solving, consensus-building, conflict resolution, organizational transformation, empowerment, systems thinking, self-organizing systems, team building, performance management, creativity, and breakthrough thinking. Everything in the seminar is real and builds on the experience and knowledge of the participants.

The seminar is NOT about… step-by-step methodologies, psychological types or personality styles, agree/disagree conversations, compromise answers, negotiation, or role plays.

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